Thursday, 31 October 2013

In Vietnam, UPS Foundation delivers again


AIP Foundation CEO Mirjam Sidik with Jeff Mclean of UPS
UPS Foundation, a Global Supporter of the Decade of Action, has launched another round of helmet donations in Vietnam, partnering with AIP Foundation. 4000 school children and teachers in Ho Chi Minh City were provided with motorcycle helmets at the kick-off event. The AIP Foundation is combining its 'Helmets for Kids' distribution with a campaign to increase the use of helmets by children who ride on the family motorbike and to promote better helmet quality - counterfeit helmets are a major problem.

"With thousands of drivers throughout Vietnam and the world, road traffic safety is one of our highest priorities," said Jeff Mclean, General Manager of UPS Vietnam. "We are extremely proud to take part in Helmets for Kids by donating helmets and sending out our employees to teach students how to wear their helmets correctly and to be safe on the road."

The NGO, which is also supported by other Road Safety Fund partners including the FIA Foundation and Johnson & Johnson, also recently distributed helmets to children in Bangkok with the support of the UK Embassy to Thailand.

UK Ambassador to Thailand, Mark Kent,
with AIP Foundation President Greig Craft
"We are so pleased to have this opportunity to help try and improve road safety in our surrounding community," said British Ambassador Mark Kent. "In Thailand, there are some 50,000 British residents and over 870,000 British visitors per year. In 2011 alone, there were 68,582 road traffic incidents in Thailand that resulted in 14,033 deaths. These affect Thai nationals, expatriates, and visitors so we all must work together to make Thailand’s roads safer."



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