Friday, 26 July 2013

Road safety a priority in UPS Sustainability Report

Scott Davis, Chairman & CEO of UPS: "solutions are as close as
the limitless creativity and drive of the human spirit"
UPS has highlighted its support for the Decade of Action in its latest Sustainability Report, published this week. In his Executive Statement UPS Chairman and CEO, Scott Davis, gave a strong profile to UPS's investment in Decade of Action programmes including its US$ 450,000 support for AIP Foundation's 'Helmets for Kids' initiative in South East Asia and US $300,000 investment in Fleet Forum's NSEWA driver training programme in southern Africa. Read the full report here.

The NSEWA driver training programme, launched by Fleet Forum and North Star Alliance in 2012, connects road safety training to North Star Alliance's network of Wellness Centres, to provide long distance truck drivers with modular driver safety training. So far five Wellness Centres have been equipped with NSEWA kiosks providing interactive training (see map) and ten more are in the pipeline.

The NSWEA Learning Network has been accredited with the South African Transport Education and Training Authority, enabling companies that agree to participate in the programme to be eligible for grants from the South African Skills Education Training Authority. New participants in the programme include Transvaal Heavy Transport and Oxfam Zimbabwe, which has included a NSEWA training kiosk in its Oxfam GB Harare office. See more about the initiative in this NSEWA promotional video .


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