Saturday, 11 May 2013

FedEx & Safe Kids on the streets!

Pedestrian safety advocacy and awareness has been the theme of this UN Global Road Safety Week, and Safe Kids Worldwide have been at the forefront of marches and activities in many countries. With donor support from FedEx, via the Road Safety Fund, Safe Kids' NGOs partners have been out on the streets engaging with the public, teaching children, urging media attention for pedestrian safety, and supporting the call of the Long Short Walk campaign for 'Safe Roads for All'. Check out these photos showing just a few of the activities, see more at Safe Kids' Facebook page, and see how their Model School Zones, with FedEx support, are helping to make the concept of the 'Safe School' a reality.

Safe Kids Vietnam (a 1000-strong march through Ho Chi Minh City)
Safe Kids Jordan
Safe Kids Mexico (plus Super Heroes)

Safe Kids Uganda
Safe Kids South Africa

Safe Kids Philippines


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