Friday, 11 January 2013

Child safety law approved in Uruguay

Nani Rodriguez, President of Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez, described the passage of the child safety law as a 'milestone for the country and the region'

In a significant achievement for road safety in Uruguay and for our partner NGO Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez, the Uruguyan parliament has legislated for the compulsory use of child restraint systems within a new Road Safety Regulations Act. The Act, approved at the end of 2012, further adds to legislative recognition of the need for road safety for children in the country, building on an earlier School Transport Act which required seat belts in school buses. The passage of both Acts is testimony to the consistent and successful advocacy of the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation, which has combined engagement with policymakers and practical campaigns to implement road safety improvements. For example, working in partnership with the Uruguyan Society of Paediatrics, the Foundation has challenged child seat manufacturers and importers, and the government, to improve standards. As a result, today 95% of child restraint systems available on the market in Uruguay comply with international standards. The NGO also organises regular 'Check Up Points' in partnership with the police to instruct parents in the correct fitment and use of child seats. Nani Rodriguez, President of the Fundacion Gonazalo Rodriguez, described the passage of the Road Safety Regulations Act as "a milestone for the country and the region". The Fundacion Gonzalo Rodriguez is supported by the Road Safety Fund through a grant from the FIA Foundation.


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