Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Safer drivers in Abu Dhabi

The Road Safety Fund has agreed a partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport to disseminate a manual for implementing road safety campaigns.

The Abu Dhabi Emirate Road Safety Campaign Guide was prepared by the UK Transport Research Laboratory and peer reviewed by partners including the Global Road Safety Partnership, as part of a wider Road Safety Strategy and associated Action Plan. This initiative by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport facilitated the establishment of a Joint Committee for Safety and Traffic Solutions (JCSTS), led by the Chairman of the DoT with a broad range of government agencies concerned with road safety including the police, the Urban Planning Council and the Abu Dhabi Health Authority.

Through support from a corporate donor active in the region, the Road Safety Fund will provide funding for printing and distribution of the manual, which focuses on strategies for addressing road user behaviour, and to enable the organisation of a launch and workshop with key stakeholders. The partnership was announced at the 2012 Gulf Traffic Conference in Abu Dhabi.    

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  1. I guess it could only show that their leaders are sincere in making their road a lot safer for everybody in their country. Nice move there.

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