Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crash tests find mixed progress

The latest Latin American car safety crash test results from Latin NCAP have been released at a press conference in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The third phase of the independent consumer tests found some encouraging progress with a significant increase in the number of four star cars. Five models achieved four stars, showing the combined benefits of improved body shell strength, air bags and seat belts. The four star models are the Ford New Fiesta KD, Honda City, Renault Fluence, Toyota Etios hatchback and the VW Polo hatchback. The other models tested were the Volkswagen Clasico/Bora which scored just three stars, held back by its poor structural integrity, and the Renault Sandero and the JAC J3.  The Sandero achieved just one star caused by the model’s unstable performance of the body shell and lack of airbags. The JAC 3 also only gained one star despite having two airbags, showing clearly the vital importance of body shell strength in protecting occupants in a crash.
Latin NCAP is supported by the Road Safety Fund through an FIA Foundation grant to Global NCAP.  


  1. There are different metrics that car crash tests follow, so there can be no same results, basically. But I hope car manufacturers will take the results into consideration because failure should not keep you from being better. :)


  2. Air bags are really important during those unexpected moments on the road. Like a seatbelt, it can be the one that can save our lives. In a safety crash test, it’s important to see whether an airbag is deploying properly or not. Through tests like this, car manufacturers can see what that they still need to improve on to give the best products to their customers.

    Stelle Courney