Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Child seat safety in Chile, with help from Educar

The Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation has linked up with the Chilean traffic police, the National Road Safety Council and the Automobile Club of Chile to assist with developing child restraint policies and improved technical standards for child seats. GRF's Educar child safety programme, co-funded by the Road Safety Fund, has been a big success in Uruguay, raising parental awareness of the need for child restraints, improving standards of the restraint equipment sold and leading a campaign to introduce seat belts in all school buses. Now the Educar initiative is being piloted in neighbouring countries in South America - with Chilean road safety leaders eager to adopt the same approach. Recent activities, shown below, included training for police and advice sessions for parents.

The Educar team shows parents correct CRS fitting

The Uruaguan and Chilean partnership

Training the police

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