Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Soccer legend aims for Decade goal

Former England football captain Gary Lineker, now the host of 'Match of the Day' on BBC TV, has endorsed the Decade of Action at an event for young drivers hosted by Manchester United.

Lineker, who was the lead scorer at the 1990 World Cup, knows a thing or two about goals. And he recognised that to achieve the Decade's goals it will be crucially important to help young people safely navigate the first few years of solo driving.

"The world has changed in so many ways over the past 30 years", said Lineker. "The roads are
busier, cars more powerful and young drivers have to cope with way more distractions. As any parent will know, there are real concerns and worries attached to being a mum or dad when your son or daughter heads out on those first few solo journeys. Every one of us has the potential to influence the way a young person will drive. It's our shared responsibility to be good role models and take driving as seriously as we hope they will".
For more see Make Roads Safe and watch the super striker in action here.

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