Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rio+20 coordinator endorses safety call

The UN's Executive Coordinator for the 'Rio+20' United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development has backed calls for road safety and sustainable transport to be included within any framework for sustainable development agreed at next year's summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Brice Lalonde (pictured), who is coordinating the UN team leading the Rio negotiations, told the Make Roads Safe campaign that "Transportation is very important and is part of all discussions on climate change, safety, sustainable cities, inter-city transportation. And so suddenly this concern about road safety is becoming something important which is going to be probably addressed in a much better way than it was before, because it was more marginalised before”.

 “I think the UN Decade for Road Safety and the Make Roads Safe campaign are both very powerful initiatives and it is going to make a difference. If we could try to address road safety at the same time as we address the environment, the design, the architecture, the land used for the planning of cities, if we can do that in  a holistic way it is exactly sustainable development. So I think it is going to make a difference this time, I think it is going to be more central, as much as we can put it in the agenda of Rio+20”.  

The Rio+20 conference, twenty years on from the landmark Rio Earth Summit of 1992, is expected to propose new Sustainable Development Goals which could become the focus of the world's attention in the coming decades, complementing and eventually replacing the Millennium Development Goals, which expire in 2015.

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